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A new version of this service is available. The documentation here is for a previous version. Please refer to Current Search Web Service for new application development.

The DLESE Search Web Service (DDSWS v1.0) is a REpresentational State Transfer (REST) style service API that provides programmatic access to the DLESE library metadata in XML form.

The service is designed to be used in real-time, high-availability Web sites and applications to provide interactive search and discovery interfaces for library resources. The service is also intended to support research that involves the metadata and content in the library. The service provides a rich search API and gives full access to the metadata in DLESE's collections. Metadata is available for educational resources, annotations, news & opportunities and collections. The service supports textual searching over metadata and content, searching by date and field, sorting by date and field, discovery of the controlled vocabularies that are part of the library including grade ranges, subjects, resources types and content standards, checking for the existence of a URL, and other functionality.

The service is illustrated and described formally here:

  • Search Web Service documentation - The documentation describes the service in detail, with service examples and information about each of the requests and search APIs.
  • Search Web Service Explorer - The Search Web Service explorer allows you to issue each of the available requests to the service and view the XML response using your web browser.

To access the primary DLESE library repository using this service (DDSWS v1.0), use the following Base URL:

  • Base URL =

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